Mobile Device Optimization for your Websites

Mobile Device Optimization for your Websites

Here is something for you to consider: how many people do you know own smartphones and tablets? In today’s day and age, almost everyone who is mobile device literate does not leave the house without it whether for study, business or play. Another follow up query would be: how many of these people go online to find the service or product that they need and want? And if you do own a business, would you consider setting up your site in a way that it is viewable and user friendly for mobile devices to navigate to?

Looking into  the habits of consumers with mobile devices, you will see that ten percent of online purchases are made from mobile devices. With this figure in mind, you will see that the more people own mobile devices, and looking for the figures the phone and tablet seem to be an essential among people every day, then the figures have a huge chance of increasing. You should be able to think ahead. Do not be left behind, you should start optimizing your website for mobile shopping today.

Here is what you need to do as soon as you can:

Make it Navigational for your Mobile Device Visitors

Navigation for mobile devices is different from the ordinary navigational approach of the websites themselves, because most mobile devices are making use of touchscreen technology, your mobile optimization should do the same for your sites. Your site should be simple, can be read and seen on smaller screens, and all your data and icons can be arranged vertically on smaller, vertical screens for easy scrolling. You should have uncluttered usability for the ease of mobile device visitors.

Speed Up Your Loading Time

Even if your site should be navigational, it will take minutes before it loads up and you will have to be cautious about this risk. Frustrated visitors tend to go elsewhere. And if they are in the middle of the transaction and your site seems to hang up, they say that the chances of conducting business in the future with the same brand, company or service provider is very slim.

All you have to remember is that you should not neglect the growing number of mobile users that come upon your site. With shopping made easy today online, you will have to realize that mobile site lead to mobile purchases and those sales still translate to your income.

Bad Mobile Experiences Means Loss in Sales

You have to pay attention to your online image the way you pay attention to your online marketing and promotion. This is because there is a good chance that today’s percentage of mobile visitors will also be doubling in the next year or so.

If you do not attempt at fixing this user experience online, it could do more damage for your online image and you will have to start rebuilding again, resulting two months of cleanup work. Don’t let this happen to you. If there is a right time for you to complete the mobile optimization task, it is today.

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