Writing an Effective AdWords Copy

Writing an Effective AdWords Copy

Different marketers use different marketing tools to get their products across to the customers. Some will use more than one strategy in order to get more traffic to their website, while others won’t mind spending more on pay per click (PPC) services to get people visiting their websites or online shops. For the marketers who have no idea of how to do effective marketing there may be a lot of money spent in trying to get people do everything to bring traffic to your site. Many company owners end up discouraged since they don’t get what they expected, as despite paying a lot of money the results are not encouraging at all. Most marketers use what is known as AdWords copy – if you want to get customers to visit your site you may find the following points helpful in writing your AdWords copy.

K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple… eh, Son

Marketing copies are not supposed to be a complicated work piece; you only have to keep them clear, simple and to the point. There are many reasons for doing this: first of all, you have limited space for your advertisement and your targeted people may be too busy to through a detailed ad. Marketers know that a simple and up to the point ad will get the people reading and visiting their sites. For example ,Google AdWords offer only a low twenty-five characters for the title and thirty-five to describe your product. The aim is to ensure that then marketer gets specific in his advertising strategy, so one has to think before writing. Format it in your mind before penning it down on Google.

Use only original content

As a rule of thumb, ensure that your content or description is completely original – avoid the temptation to duplicate content no matter how appealing it may look. Doing this denies your business that unique touch, and each business has a unique way of being run. So don’t deny yourself this opportunity. Express your ads differently and within the spirit of your business; try always to be different from the rest since this is the only way to make an impact. Do not blend with what others are doing, make your work stand out by creating unique contents and Google Ads. By the way, this is also one of the ways of standing out and creating a brand for your company.

Advertisements are simply that; they advertise the product – they are not the product. They ought to create interest in the person to look for the actual product by visiting your site. If your ads fail in this area, you may not make any progress with your sales. At the end of each advert you should lead people to your site for them to sample your products with the aim of buying.

One of the many mistakes marketers make is to major on the advert images rather than the benefits of the product. Others spend too much time in explaining the features of the product instead of majoring on the benefits of using such product. Finally you should ensure that your landing page and your advert are relevant to each other.

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